About me

I’m a software engineer with publishing in the blood. I make a lot of digital things, including code, iOS, Android and OS X apps, children’s books, comics and now blog posts. I frequently contribute on StackOverflow and tweet not so frequently.

Robot Media is my first company. We make interactive stories for tablets and mobiles, and we enable others to do so too via Storybuilder, our children’s book authoring tool.

I co-organise the local iOS and Mac developer group NSBarcelona and I’m also a Barcelona.IO co-founder, together with Luke Miller and Stefan Klumpp. We make various entrepreneurial things happen in Barcelona.

I sometimes give talks about iOS and Android development and digital publishing. I’d very much prefer if I were invited to give talks about stuff I barely know about but it happened only once.

12 thoughts on “About me

  1. Salman T. Khan

    Thanks Hermes for being so awesome and releasing ACV’s source, it’s been a great help, and now i’m revisiting it for additional help for implementation on a couple of features I’d like to see in my own app.

  2. Ben Stahl

    Hermes, just wanted to thank you for your incredible RMStore API. I added IAP to an app for the first time and I had no idea it would be such a pain in the ass (especially the receipt verification based on Apple’s ridiculously vague WWDC videos). RMStore helped me get IAP up and running with keychain persistence quickly and painlessly. It’s really well-written, well-documented, and easy to use. Thanks again, I couldn’t have made it happen without it (or I would have been driven insane).

    1. hpique Post author

      You’re welcome Ben! I enjoyed and learned quite a lot developing RMStore, so it’s a great plus that others have found it helpful. :)

      1. Kurt Anderson

        I also wanted to give my appreciation for RMStore. I came across it when I was trying to look for assistance with receipt validation. I implemented RMStore into my app and the very first test was successful (scary!). Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Anthony Boyd

    Hello hpique. I need your assistance. I’m making a download manager app and idk how to make it to where the files downloaded from safari save onto the device. Ive seen some code you’ve done but I need help understanding it. Could you email me at savageacee@gmail.com.

    1. hpique Post author

      I’d suggest posting a question over Stack Overflow and tweeting me the link. If it’s right my alley I might give it a go. No promises.

  4. RV

    Hi. I just bought the Email extractor. It is simple end easy, but name in Cyrillic are not shown properly and how can I get to Library within this program under Yosemite?
    Many thanks in advance

    1. hpique Post author

      By default Email Contacts Extractor will put you inside the Library folder when you click Choose. If you use Mac Mail, you only need to press Open.

      If you choose another folder and can’t return to the Library folder, this is probably because this folder is hidden by default and might not be visible to your user. The easiest way to navigate back to it is:

      • From the Choose dialog, press ⇧+⌘+G to show the Go to the folder dialog.
      • Type ~/Library/Mail
      • Click Go and you will be transported to the Mail folder again.

      Re: Cyrillic. I would very much like to support Cyrillic characters, and I thought I already did. It might be a bug in the app, or maybe the characters are already wrong in the email headers. To confirm, would you mind sending me one of the messages whose contacts are not shown properly? Please follow these instructions.

      I replied to R via email but I’m posting the reply here in case it helps others.


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